Welcome to Finding Terasita

My Personal Journey

Welcome to my webpage.   This is my personal reflection  of a difficult phase in my life.  The creation of this website has helped me find closure.    I am thankful to have finally found peace and happiness in my life.   Approximately 10 years of my life was spent in emotional unrest.   My inability to accept my circumstances challenged my relationships and my faith.   

Currently 1 in 8 U.S. couples are affected by infertility, approximately 6.7 million in 2019 (fertilityanswers.com).   I felt that I was so alone when I was going through my journey.   Whenever I see statistics I am always surprised at how common infertility is in the United States. 

I know that all of us dealing with infertility will travel different paths:  some will quickly adapt to their circumstance, some will adopt, some will choose pets (furry babies).     However some may encounter a similar path that I traveled.   I hope that this will be helpful to others to find peace, happiness and much needed closure.


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