The American Flag

My Brother, Albert served in the Air Force for 24 years.   The last 14 years of his service he was stationed in Oklahoma City but he was frequently deployed to bases across the world.   During his deployment his wife Jada, played the role of single mother of two children.   Jada's family lived in Tennessee.   I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of her support.   Often I would meet her at the halfway point to pick up the kids to spend the weekend with me and/or the grandparents.  

On one occasion Jada found herself in a predicament of needing to be in two places at one time.   Alley, their daughter had recital practice (with a photo shoot) and Anthony had a baseball game.   I was able to help her  by driving to Okc for the evening and attending the recital practice.   It was actually a  fun evening and not really a big deal to me.  However later I would find out that it had a great impact on my brother and Jada... 

  In May of 2016  I attended his retirement ceremony .   During the ceremony, my brother was presented with the American Flag for his service.    The speaker spoke about the flag and thanked my brother for his service to the United States while the two Airman folded the flag and marched it over to my brother.    My brother accepted the flag and clutched it to his heart and marched to my seat.   He then kneeled down by my seat and thanked  me for my service to his family and presented the flag to me.     After the ceremony they shared with me how much they appreciated me and the things I had done.    For me it was just a fun time with my niece and nephew  but it had a significant impact on my brother and Jada.  

This was a pivotal point in my journey for peace and closure.   I have received so many wonderful gifts in my life but the American Flag is truly the greatest gift  I have ever received.

The Godmother

   When I met Shanee, she was a senior in high school.   Within a few weeks of starting  to work at Target  she found out she was pregnant.  She took a pregnancy test in the bathroom during her lunch break.   I was literally one of the first ones to know of her pregnancy.   As she struggled with her decision of what to do we grew closer.   I shared a little of my infertility story with her.  She was strongly considering abortion.   I shared my story with her with hopes she consider blessing a couple with a baby.   Ultimately she decided to keep her child.  Kylin is almost 11 years old.    I am his godmother.   

My friendship with Shanee has also been critical in my journey.   We are friends but because of our age difference she has allowed me to have "maternal role" in her life.   She has a wonderful supportive mother but sometimes it is easier for her to come to me with her issues and problems.   

She is the image of the daughter that I imagined in my dreams.    



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